Ratho Park Golf Club


Many thanks for visiting the Membership Availability of the website.

There are currently vacancies for both men and ladies to join the club for the forthcoming 2014 season.

The fees for 2015 are as follows:

Full Membership: £757.00

5 Day Membership: £560.00

Intermediate Membership(18yrs-30yrs): £267.00

Intermediate Membership(31yrs): £365.00

Intermediate Membership(32yrs): £463.00

Intermediate Membership(33yrs): £561.00

Intermediate Membership(34yrs): £659.00

Junior Membership(8yrs-11yrs): £50.00

Junior Membership(12yrs-14yrs): £75.00

Junior Membership(15yrs-18yrs): £125.00

Restricted Play Membership: £50.00

A further Bar levy of £60.00 and Union Fees of £12.60 for men and £11.25 for ladies are also charged. The entry fee which is dependent on what category of membership can be paid all up front or spread over a 3 year period (from February each year) using a Direct Debit method which incurs a further 6.5% charge on the figures quoted.

To become a member an application form has to be completed and you need to be both proposed and seconded by existing full members of at least one year's standing. If you do not know any members within the club please contact the Secretary.

If you would like an application form sent to you then please e-mail or telephone myself, the contact details are on the website.

Alternatively download a pdf version from here.   Application Form - Adult.pdf

Thank you once again for your interest in joining Ratho Park.

Robert Dobbie, Secretary,
November 2015

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